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130,000 people plugged in to CityCharge in its first year

Designed with you in mind. 

CityCharge is no ordinary charging station. Designed by Ignacio Ciocchini, an industrial designer for the world’s most dense park, New York City's Bryant Park, CityCharge is urban grade and comes equipped with six charging cables that can accommodate virtually all smart-phones and tablets.



Easy to move. Easy to maintain. Hard not to love. 

The design was inspired by people and how they use public spaces. It is round, easy to move, and has a communal table that encourages social interaction. The round solar panel can be rotated manually, the polycarbonate table surface is soft on phone casings, and the wheels are lockable.

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Corporate Sponsors

Together, brands and CityCharge bring charged phones and smiles to millions of park goers every year!  Learn how to get involved. 

Outdoor Spaces

Activate your space! Follow the link below to provide us with information about yourself and how to bring CityCharge to your visitors.


Help bring CityCharge to your favorite outdoor spot and adopt a station! Your name will be proudly and prominently displayed. Click below to learn more.

Adopt A Station

About Us

Our Philosophy

We're on a mission to help people stay outside.  We use clean technology to bring electricity to the outdoors-- to make it possible for mobile devices to stay charged, and for people to stay outdoors. 

CityCharge (our flagship product designed especially for cities), is popping up in parks and pedestrian plazas around New York City and beyond.

What We Do

We partner with municipalities, schools and colleges, landscape architects, and outdoor space operators to bring clean and convenient recharging to people where and when they need it. Whether it is a bespoke solution or our flagship product, we are dedicated to smart design and robust performance. 

Where We're Going

Green Barrel sees a clean energy future full of diverse products that are designed to create a network of reliable smart street furniture for people on the go.  Some of these products already exist and some don't.  We plan to improve the ones that do, and to create the ones that don't.

We're so excited to share with you.  



Frequently Asked Questions

How does it ship?

CityCharge is a turnkey charge station solution, and that begins with shipping and installation. It arrives on a truck, and is assembled on site. We only need to know ahead of time whether to include a lift gate during delivery.


Is there a warranty?

CityCharge is fully covered for the duration of the lease. 


What care and maintenance is required? 

CityCharge's solar panel needs less maintenance than a regular window. An occasional simple wipe down  with a clean damp cloth will do the trick. In the winter months, any snow that collects should be removed as soon as possible with a soft brush; follow-up with a dry cloth.  Do not use a scraper to remove snow as this might damage the panel.

Depending on environmental and usage factors, a cable may need to be replaced. 


How do I get one?

Right now CityCharge is available for lease and purchase. Leases can be covered by a 3rd party sponsorship and revenue share. CityCharge is provided to your space as a turnkey service, and we monitor, maintain, and service the machine for the duration of the lease. Lease lengths are 3, 5, and 7 years. 



It is possible to use CityCharge to generate revenue by having a sponsored unit. Sponsorship can be initiated at any point of the lease. There are designated branding spaces on CityCharge. Contact us to find out more.

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