Frequently Asked Questions

How does it ship?

CityCharge is a turnkey charge station solution, and that begins with shipping and installation. It arrives on a truck, and is assembled on site. We only need to know ahead of time whether to include a lift gate during delivery.


Is there a warranty?

CityCharge is fully covered for the duration of the lease. 


What care and maintenance is required? 

CityCharge's solar panel needs less maintenance than a regular window. An occasional simple wipe down  with a clean damp cloth will do the trick. In the winter months, any snow that collects should be removed as soon as possible with a soft brush; follow-up with a dry cloth.  Do not use a scraper to remove snow as this might damage the panel.

Depending on environmental and usage factors, a cable may need to be replaced. 


How do I get one?

Right now CityCharge is available for lease and purchase. Leases can be covered by a 3rd party sponsorship and revenue share. CityCharge is provided to your space as a turnkey service, and we monitor, maintain, and service the machine for the duration of the lease. Lease lengths are 3, 5, and 7 years. 



It is possible to use CityCharge to generate revenue by having a sponsored unit. Sponsorship can be initiated at any point of the lease. There are designated branding spaces on CityCharge. Contact us to find out more.

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