About Us

Our Philosophy

We're on a mission to help people stay outside.  We use clean technology to bring electricity to the outdoors-- to make it possible for mobile devices to stay charged, and for people to stay outdoors. 

CityCharge (our flagship product designed especially for cities), is popping up in parks and pedestrian plazas around New York City and beyond.

What We Do

We partner with municipalities, schools and colleges, landscape architects, and outdoor space operators to bring clean and convenient recharging to people where and when they need it. Whether it is a bespoke solution or our flagship product, we are dedicated to smart design and robust performance. 

Where We're Going

Green Barrel sees a clean energy future full of diverse products that are designed to create a network of reliable smart street furniture for people on the go.  Some of these products already exist and some don't.  We plan to improve the ones that do, and to create the ones that don't.

We're so excited to share with you.